The Cat That Chose My Daughter

This story was sent in by Joyce Lynch from Austin, Texas. It is amazing to hear of stories when the animal picks out their human, and not the other way around... It is true that animals have a sense of responsibility to their humans, and this story speaks volumes to that concept. Sit back, relax and enjoy another success story!


Our 19-year-old cat passed away. She was mostly my cat, and I said I didn't want another, at least not right away. But my adult daughter Sarah really wanted—needed—a cat, so she, her dad, and I went to the shelter. Early on we looked at a 3-year-old named Sassy, who reached out and grabbed Sarah's shirt as if to say “take me.” We looked at a lot of other cats that day but finally came back to Sassy. She had been at the center 3 months after being returned by someone who said she was “unpettable.”

She quickly became Sarah's cat. Unpettable—ha! The photo shows her cuddling Sarah's arm while getting belly rubs. Maybe I reminded her of one of her several previous humans who didn't treat her well, but she didn't warm up to me. Sarah was planning to move out and wondered if Sassy would want to stay, but it became very obvious that not taking her was not an option.

It's now 3 years later. I'm still not her favorite, but she is a bit friendlier. Sarah is so happy that Sassy chose her that day.

Joyce Lynch
Austin, TX

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