Socks and Bonnie Blue are a Couple of Rescues

Hello Evereyone! This story is short and to the point, andwe felt is was worth bringing in front of everyone because it expresses the true value that a recued pet has on a person. It is amazing the impact a dog or cat can have on your daily life - especially when they know you saved their life by rescuing them! 


"Socks (The Hulk) & Bonnie Blue are 2 of our rescues. Socks (age 7) has been with us since he was 6 weeks old when we found him abandoned on the side of a road. Bonnie Blue (age 6) has been with us since she was 1 day old. We found her mom & litter the day after they were born outdoors in some bushes. These two started being buddies as soon as Bonnie was old enough to run & play. Socks earned the nickname "The Hulk" by growing into a large not fat cat. He now weighs over 22 lbs & his tail measures 14" long. We stay out of his way when he runs through the house.

Over the last 15 years we have rescued, found homes for or adopted over 35 cats & kittens. Currently we are caring for & feeding 10 cats, inside & outside strays & ferals. All are S/N except for 2 feral toms I'm currently working on. It appears that we are cat magnets but my wife & I wouldn't have it any other way."


Byram, MS

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