Husky Heaven is Our Heaven

I rescued my first Husky in the early-90's from a pound. It was a love-hate relationship as I learned about the breed. Since getting married, my wife and I have rescued 6 more, over the last 25 years. They've ranged from 6-months to 8 years old.


I've taken up to 10-hour drives to get them, where they looked the most pitiful. We love them as kids, and have seen lots of the emotional/physical trauma that can be done to these beauties[our current red one, is full of birdshot]. They've all become success-stories, have been the most loving and amusing company.


They're not for most people, but I've/we've come to understand their quirks and impulses. They've also lived very spoiled and unusually long lives for the breed, with all being so doted-over and cared for. We wouldn't change a thing. Winter is coming...and they can sense it.


This is our current four...Jake, Sonya, Trinny, and Sara.



- Michael R.
  Chesterfield Twp., MI

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Thank you for all you do for these wonderful creatures.. my husband and I 9 .. and we couldn’t live without 1 of them..🐺❤️

Lisa Tracy February 06, 2021

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