Dog Rescue in Michigan Welcomes Animals from Death Row

An amazing shelter located in South Haven, MI, The Al-Van Humane Society, has teamed up with shelters to find homes for dogs that have been taken from a shelter in North Carolina. These dogs were likely to be euthanized and thanks to this loving and caring Michigan shelter, these pets now have another chance of love and happiness.

According to reports, the shelter had riled local rescue groups by cutting back hours which representatives were allowed to pick up animals, and by euthanizing animals that the rescues had already committed to adopt. During the summer of last year, rescue groups staged a protest in front of the county police department.


Dog saved from death row


Jennifer Nuernberg, director of the Al-Van Humane Society, said she learned via email about the dogs currently at risk that had been pulled from the Gaston County shelter in a joint action of national animal advocates Cathy Bissell and by Stephanie Fariss, who had found temporary places for them to stay.

To top it off, the shelter also took care of the vet bill to get the animal’s updated on their shots, vetted, and treated for disease such as heartworm, Nuernberg said.

Al-Van Humane Society has been a no-kill shelter since 2012 and the need for help happened to occur during the same time the shelter had available space. Nuernberg checked with county shelters to make sure they had no pressing need before volunteering to take five of the dogs.

"We have to find balance between helping local communities first, but as we grow, it's great to have outreach options, too," Nuernberg said. "Stephanie lined up transport and we found five dogs we thought would be a good fit here."


Dog saved from death row


Pluto, Shelley, Tobie, Gracie and Cocoa were delayed a bit by winter weather en route from North Carolina, but they arrived Friday afternoon. Most of the dogs were highly adoptable and three should be available for immediate adoption, she said.

With just a little help from our Michigan friends, 5 pets will live to see another day, another chance at love and happiness. This is truly a testament to our cause that All Animals Matter.

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